Pull Up, Dammit


OK, so you are coming up to a traffic light and you want to get in the turn lane, which is empty.

In front of you are four cars waiting in the through lane.

Each of the last three cars has left over 20 feet of empty space between them and the car in front of them. This is 50% more than a full car length.

As a result, there is no room for you to get into the left turn lane.

What is with these people? They can’t possibly need more than a few feet of space.

Is there an invisible car they can see that no one else can?

Do they think if a truck hits them from behind they will somehow be able to keep from hitting the car in front of them? How altruistic.

If someone tries to carjack them, they can maneuver away? Where are they going to go? Is carjacking that prevalent in the ‘burbs?

So now I’m going to wait through another full light cycle because they want their little “safety” bubble. Ridiculous.


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