Springfield Mall/Town Center To Begin Renovations in July?

That post title comes with a question mark because we have been promised the renovation since the mall was purchased six years ago.

According to reports from tenants who received their lease-required 120-day notice on Monday, the Springfield Mall—with the exception of the anchor stores Target, Macy’s and JC Penney—will be gutted in July and rebuilt during the next two years around the anchors, with one central entrance.

The Fairfax Times reported that the owner of The Barber Shop and Company, Randy Dingus, said he received his notice and learned about the long-delayed renovation in a meeting with mall management.

“I was in shock,” Dingus said. “It was devastating news. Five years ago the mall told us it would be completing its renovations in sections and asked us to move to another part of the mall. We spent a fortune putting in a new store and now we have to take it back down and then move out completely. The mall pretty much told us ‘so long, see you later.’”

Vornado Realty Trust, the mall’s owner, and Michael Lowe, the mall’s general manager, did not return calls seeking comment.

“That news and that time frame is not inconsistent with what I’ve been told by Vornado,” said Fairfax County Supervisor Jeff McKay (D-Lee). “I know that leases were structured be able to complete the construction. A 10-year redevelopment of the mall, split into four phases, was scheduled to begin this summer,” McKay said.


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