New Saratoga Park & Ride

From WTOP:

A new park and ride lot is set to open soon in Fairfax County, with bus service to Franconia-Springfield Metro station and the Pentagon.

The Saratoga Park and Ride is in Springfield, by the Fairfax County Parkway – Barta Road/Rolling Road interchange, just west of Interstate 95.

“It’s beautiful, it’s nicely landscaped, conveniently located, and it’s going to have great bus service, locally to the Franconia-Springfield Metro, and an express route to the Pentagon to start,” says Fairfax County BRAC Coordinator Laura Miller.

The Fairfax Connector plans to add an express route to Tysons Corner, via the Beltway Express Lanes,starting in March.

Miller says construction on the lot should wrap up in December.

“Then there will be a period of driver training and some other things that need to happen, but folks in the neighborhood should start seeing a sign going up that is explaining to them what routes will be there,” she says.

The lot will have 515 parking spaces, along with bike racks and bus shelters.

There also are walkways allowing commuters who live nearby to take advantage of the bus service, without having to drive to the lot.

“There’s no restriction on who gets to come in, but, typically, these park and ride lots serve the communities within generally one to three miles of the lot itself,” Miller says.

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