Final Chance for 2013 Big Johnson Hoops!

BigJohnsonThe brackets have been set by the NCAA and the Big Johnson is revving up! Might be the most wide-open tournaments in years.

If you don’t get in by Thursday morning (Eastern) at noon, you miss your chance at the Men’s tournament. Women’s tournament start time is Saturday at 11 AM eastern.

Remember, enter BOTH the Men’s and Women’s tournaments if you want a shot at the big prize – which, may I remind you, is a new Apple iPad Mini – and for the winner of EACH tournament, it’s a personalized 2GB iPod Shuffle (your choice of color). And as usual, anyone who gets more points than The Man will win something.. The Group Name on ESPN is “Big Johnson” for each tournament, and the group password is: kimsentme. That’s right, “kimsentme,” one word.

You can get there through the following URLs:

** Men’s Challenge:

** Women’s Challenge:

I know some of you like to fake out ESPN with an alias and throwaway email, but please be sure I can identify you from your name or the name of your entry. Or send me a note after the contest. After you create your entry, be sure to join the Big Johnson group in each tournament!

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