WINNER in Kim’s Big Johnson College Bowl Mania!

And the winner is . . . Fred Heggi of Gaithersburg, MD! There is no need to wait for the final game next Monday because he is 3 points ahead of everyone else. Fred will be receiving a $100 Amazon gift card to spoil his grandson.

Second place, and the highly-sought-after tin of Mrs. Hanes Moravian Sugar Cookies, is up for grabs with SIX contestants looking for a win. If you are among the six, you better make sure your tiebreaker scores are in (you have until the start of the Monday night game at 8 PM EST) because it will probably come down to that. From ESPN’s rules:

In all cases, an entry that does not win a tiebreaker is eliminated from consideration:

  • Tiebreaker #1 – An Entrant’s predicted Tiebreaker Game score is compared to the actual Tiebreaker Game score. The differences between the predicted scores and actual scores for each team are added. The entry with the smallest total difference is considered the winning entry.
  • Tiebreaker #2 – The Entrant whose predicted score for the winning team of the Tiebreaker Game is closest to the actual score of the winning team is considered the winning entry.
  • Tiebreaker #3 – A random drawing of all remaining eligible Entrants will determine the winner.

As for my contributions, lessee (sticks tongue out of side of mouth, licks pencil) . . . that was 54 valid entries ($54) plus 53 entries that beat mine* (53 x $5 = $265) for a total of $319 going to The Nightscout Foundation. The Nightscout Foundation supports the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes and those who love them. This includes fundraising, advocacy, and direct software and hardware development. If you want to contribute separately, the place to be is HERE.

Thank you one and all for playing and hope to see you for the NCAA basketball tournament, where 68 men’s and 64 women’s teams will battle it out for the sake of again, probably, The Nightscout Foundation.

*OK, pending the final game, only 46 are actually beating me, 4 are tied, and 3 are one point behind. But I have the underdog in the final game, and overall my performance has been so abysmal I have chosen not to pinch Abrahams and just make the total payoff as though EVERYONE beat me.

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