Winners of the 2017 Pirate Guy’s COED College Basketball Tournament Challenge

And the winners are . . . 

Gary Hinson of Springfield, Virginia, my old partner in all-night HS grad party chaperoning! Gary came out on top of the Women’s tourney bracket (#32 nationally) and did well in the Men’s tourney to top all entrants for the overall prize as well; and,

Roger Fielden of Buford, Georgia, a previous winner in the Football side, and the father of one of my son’s college roommates, who squeaked out a win over several challengers in the Men’s tournament.

Both Gary and Roger have exercised their right to donate their winnings – a total of $150 – to go along with my contribution, for which I thank them immensely.

As for my contributions, there were a total of 68 entries overall – though I could only identify 48 people that had entries in both the Mens and Womens tournaments. But I will count all of them, so that is $68, plus 20 people that beat me overall (I did well, but Lon Pribble finally beat me) so that’s another $100. Adding it all up, $68 + $100 +$150 = $318 going to The Nightscout Foundation.

The Nightscout Foundation supports the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes and those who love them. This includes fundraising, advocacy, and direct software and hardware development.

If you want to contribute separately, the place to go is HERE.

Thank you to each and every one for playing. One of these days I will win this thing and have to figure out for myself how much to give . . .

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