THE WINNER of Kim’s 2019 Pirate Guy College Football Challenge …

… is JOEL ROSEN of Springfield, Virginia – a longtime competitor who won in a tiebreaker (closest guess on the final score of the final game) over my son Chris Hannemann of San Diego and our friend Jessica Jackson Sandlin of Newnan, Georgia!

Joel told me to add his winnings – such as they might have been – to the contribution I was forced to make to Tidepool for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research, specifically their work on Tidepool Loop, a project intended to build and support an FDA-regulated version of Loop, to be available in the iOS App Store, intended to work with commercially available insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM).

Loop is an iPhone app that brings together an insulin pump, CGM, and insulin dosing algorithm to modify your basal rates every five minutes to give you insulin – automatically. In this respect the combination has been compared to an “artificial pancreas.” Both Chris and his sister Victoria use an unregulated version of Loop, currently on beat-up old Medtronic pumps held together pretty much with spit. Why on old beat-up pumps? Because only those were hackable to make the controls accessible to external commands issued by a computer, which no other pumps can make available … yet. But Tandem and Omnipod are closing in, and Tidepool is helping through this effort.

This year’s contribution, based on 33 entries at $1 per ($33), plus 7 who beat me at $5 per ($35), plus $25 attributable to Joel’s winnings, was $100. The math doesn’t work, but less than 3 digits was unacceptable to me.

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