Why “One more thing . . .?”

You might be wondering why I titled my blog “One more thing . . .”. And I will tell you.

I have been an admirer of the late Steve Jobs for many years. He focused on making great products and was a master presenter; in fact, his presentations came to be known as “Stevenotes.”

A typical Steve Jobs keynote started with Jobs presenting sales figures, a review of Apple products released in the past few months, followed by the introduction of one or more new products. In homage to Peter Falk’s “Columbo” character, he typically pretended to conclude the presentation, made as if to exit the stage, then turned back to say, “but there’s one more thing”. Often the audience had some idea as to what product would be unveiled, and in time it came to be an expected part of the presentation, receiving applause and laughter when the phrase was invoked.

Some of the products which were revealed as “but there’s one more thing”:

  • The AirPort base station and AirPort card after the iBook was introduced in Macworld Expo 1999
  • The first version of iMovie, along with new iMac G3 DV models. He then introduced, in another “One more thing” moment, the iMac G3 Special Edition in a special event in October 1999.
  • The PowerBook G4
  • The PowerMac G5 at WWDC 2003.
  • The fifth generation iPod with video, announced at a press conference self-referentially titled “One more thing…”
  • The MacBook Pro (at Macworld Expo 2006).
  • The iPod Shuffle
  • Introduction of selling movies via the iTunes Store in September 2006; a second “One more thing” in the same presentation also unveiled an upcoming product dubbed iTV (renamed to Apple TV at Macworld 2007). A third “One More Thing” was the lead-in to introduce a live performance of the song “Waiting for the World to Change” by John Mayer at the conclusion of the presentation.
  • Introduction of Safari for Windows beta
  • The iPod touch
  • The wireless version of the iTunes Store on the iPod touch and iPhone
  • The new MacBook was introduced in October 2008 after the new MacBook Pro was introduced.
  • The announcement of a video camera and speaker in the fifth generation iPod Nano at the Apple Music Event in September 2009
  • FaceTime video calling for the iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010
  • A revised Apple TV
  • A revised MacBook Air in October 2010
  • The iTunes Match service at WWDC 2011
Here’s a compendium of several of Steve’s “one more thing . . .” moments. Enjoy.

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