Renaming the Parkways (?)

And renumbering them, as well.

The Fairfax County Parkway (Rt 7100), and it’s offshoot the Franconia-Springfield Parkway (Rt 7900) will be renamed and renumbered this Spring. This is one result of converting the roads from “secondary” to “primary” roads so that they can receive additional funding for paving, guardrail and bridge improvements among other things.

Why aren’t they already “primary” roads, you ask? After all, they see up to 75,000 vehicles per day! Well, to be designated primary roads and receive enhanced state and federal funding, they have to meaningfully meet the majority of criteria specified by the Commonwealth Transportation Board; apparently the completion of 7100 finally enabled the criteria to be met.

Pain in the patootie – but perhaps we can now get them repaved instead of merely “potholed.”

The roads are being renamed as follows:

Fairfax County Parkway will become State Route 286, with temporary signs noting “Old Route 7100”;


Franconia-Springfield Parkway will become State Route 289, with temporary signs noting “Old Route 7900.”


Maybe it’s just me, but I like my roads to have a memorable name, and those don’t fit. How about you?

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