Big Johnson Winners Announced!

The Big Johnson Coed College Basketball Challenge is over, and for the tenth straight year, I lost!

Not surprising – there were over 90 entrants this year and next year we will shoot for over 100 with perhaps, a bigger prize?

This year’s Big Johnson champion, The Rev. Brian Johnson, is a repeat winner and will receive an Apple TV – plus, for winning the Womens side (and coming in 63rd nationally on ESPN) a personalized iPod Shuffle!

In second place – not by much – was my bowling buddy and teammate Keith Sun, who scored highest on the Mens side and will also receive a personalized iPod Shuffle.

Also beating my sorry @#$ at this game were the following contestants:

Ben Weiss • Sam Fielden • Brendan Hannemann • “dkb1063” • “cusetron” • Mark Crowder • “rearadmiral68” • Donny Samson • Joel Rosen • Suzanne Jackson • Pat Hayes • Fred Heggi • Geoff Young • Jess Jackson • Daniel Parker • “benjtp221” • “rduprau1” • Clif Sanders • Eric Torrey • Chris Hannemann

For this feat they will be offered their choice of a King Size CHUNKY Bar or a King Size Fast Break Bar (appropriate, no?).

I hope all of you and more will attempt to beat me in this next year’s Football and Basketball Big Johnson Challenges!

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