Big Johnson Basketball Challenge Winners!

BigJohnsonHow did your brackets do?

For most of us, the early Duke loss created havoc in our Men’s NCAA Basketball bracket. But there were a ton of upsets in other games too that brought everyone back to the middle. And then there was the Women’s NCAA Basketball tournament which wound up pitting the undefeated Notre Dame Irishwomen against the similarly undefeated UConn Huskies. If you were in the Big Johnson – my free contest – you had to enter BOTH of these and bite your nails all the way through lat night’s game.

Who came out on top after the UConn Men’s and Women’s teams won their respective tournaments?

basketballThe Big Johnson Champion for 2014, compiling 2290 points from the two tournaments, is Kevin Burns of Norman, Oklahoma – who won an Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display! Coming in second and winning a small token of appreciation was Joel Rosen.

The winners of the separate Men’s and Women’s brackets respectively were Geoff Young of Chantilly, Virginia (well, he works there) by 30 points over Brendan Hannemann (one of mine) and Chris Hannemann of Berkeley, California (also mine) by 20 points over Jed McClellan. Geoff and Chris each won an Apple iPod Nano!

Congratulations to all of them, and to me as well – after a horrendous start, only Kevin, Joel, Jed and two others topped my score: ┬áMike Merrick of Alexandria, Virginia and “Jonno623” who has not yet identified himself to me. All these folks won $10 Amazon gift cards.

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