Results of 2019 Pirate Guy Basketball Challenge

The Pirate Guy Coed Basketball Challenge ended with the Baylor Lady Bears victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Sunday 4/7, and the Virginia Cavaliers defeat of Texas Tech Red Raiders on Monday 4/8. The winner of our contest, his second win in the Pirate Guy Challenge Hall of Fame, was Wayne McDonald. The Men’s tournament winner was Eve Waring, and the Women’s tournament was won by Rob DuPrau.

Most importantly, 28 participants entered both the tournaments, and 14 of those beat the Pirate Guy (including, embarrassingly, Mrs. Pirate Guy once again), resulting in $98 going to Tidepool. I’m tossing in another $2 for those participants who forgot to enter both tournaments to round it up to $100. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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