Pirate Guy 2019 Football Challenge

Sure, maybe your favorite college team didn’t quite make it to a bowl game, but with 41 Bowl Games this year there are plenty to go around. In any case, you still can enter (and WIN) Kim’s

Pirate Guy T1D Challenge at ESPN College Bowl Mania

This free contest involves trying to choose the highest number of winning teams for each of the 41 upcoming college football bowl/playoff games taking place between Friday, December 20 and Monday, January 13. 

This game is for research into Type 1 Diabetes. I am donating $1 for each entry in the contest, and an ADDITIONAL $5 for each entry that beats my own, to a related foundation. You don’t have to donate anything but your bowl game picks.

In addition, there will be some sort of idiotic prize – worth $25 or less – if you pick more winners than anyone in the Big Johnson group. (For the tiebreaker, if it’s needed, you have to guess the score of the College Football Playoff Championship game.) 

Did I mention that it’s FREE ?!

You enter the contest by going to this ESPN website

ESPN College Bowl Mania

and following the instructions. [EDIT – fixed link to 2019 game Tue Dec 10 9:25 AM]

If you already have an entry, you can just join the Pirate Guy T1D Challenge group. Choose the “straight” mode, not the “confidence” mode (that’s too complicated). If you don’t make your picks when you sign up, I suggest you also allow ESPN to send you a reminder about your picks. I will be sending updates to participants through ESPN, so be sure you actually look at whatever email address you use to sign up.

You are welcome to invite your friends. 

If the link doesn’t take you right to it, search for and join the group named Pirate Guy T1D Challenge. You can join the group as soon as you create your entry – you don’t have to make any picks first. Let me know if you have any problems getting into the group. Only one entry allowed per person, please.

Register and submit your entry no later than the first kickoff of the first bowl game (Friday, December 20, 2:00 PM EST). Each game locks before it takes place, so if you change your mind about a game, you can go back and change your pick until that game starts.

Here’s a link to the bowl schedule.

Because of the College Football Playoff system, we won’t know until after December 28 which two teams of the four that made the playoffs – LSU, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma – will be in the championship game on January 13. You will have to wait to make that pick – or you can just make your decision right up front if you are that confident. I am, but then I am usually wrong.

It’s not rocket science or neurosurgery. Pick your favorite schools, your favorite team mascots, or pick against schools you dislike for some reason. (Hmmm, is Trump University playing? No? Rats.) You can even do auto-pick (chooses the most popular picks) or a random (chooses randomly).

Thanks for playing, and happy holidays!

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