“Deed Processing Notice” – It’s A Scam

Example of Scam Notice Attorney General Mark R. Herring is warning Virginia property owners to be cautious of companies offering to sell them a copy of the deed to their home. Homeowners throughout the state have been receiving official looking letters, often titled as a “Deed Processing Notice,” that offer to sell homeowners a copy […]

How Much Tougher is It to Get Approved for a Mortgage?

A raft of new mortgage lending rules that went into effect this year change the way consumers borrow and pay back home loans. Designed to put behind us the irresponsible lending that disrupted the housing market and badly damaged the U.S. economy, the changes are designed to protect you from bad mortgage lenders and set […]

FHA Easing Condo Restrictions

This is IMPORTANT for condominium sellers, buyers and owners. FHA has changed its requirements for condos to be certified, making it easier for sellers to sell and buyers to get financing. Today’s news is a major and positive change. History: If someone wants FHA financing for a condo, not only do they have to be […]

Shoes . . .

Janet converted one of our empty bedrooms into a walk-in closet. That’s right, a closet. With special shelves for shoes. These are the shoe boxes she got rid of –  which constitute about half her collection of shoes. When people ask me what our investments are, I tell them we are heavily invested in two […]

Can You Refi Me NOW?

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) was intended to help folks whose homes were worth less than their mortgages get refinancing on better terms, but has been hamstrung by limitations. First, the mortgage had to be owned by the government and only underwater within certain parameters. Then we had the revision early this year that […]

FHA Fees To Increase April 1

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced Monday that the cost of mortgage insurance for Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-guaranteed mortgages will increase on April 1, and again on June 1, 2012. The increase is necessary to protect the FHA’s mandated reserves, and, potentially, encourage the return of private capital to the national […]